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VOLTAGE Brussels.
Creative fuel for mobility.

Our work

The car of your life, part 2

Because every great TVC needs a sequel

Drive Your Future: a recruitment campaign that WORKS…

Spending all your hard-earned money on a new car? That’s so passé!

What makes a Volkswagen a Volkswagen?

Life is what makes it a Volkswagen

This campaign for the Volkswagen Van Centers deserves a pat on the back

Summer’s around the corner… or is it the ID.3?

Reinventing the wheel for D’Ieteren.

Say it loud! We turn 75 and we are proud!

Small car, big statement

Adding a human feel to a package deal.

When was the last time a car made you smile?

The bird-friendly ID. family conquers Antwerp

A match made in heaven. With a little help of Voltage.

The Great Hack of the Zoute Grand Prix

Everyone has questions about electric driving. Everyone? Everyone!

It’s OK to have questions. Just give our ID drivers some rest, ok?

Unexpected turns in radio commercials and shows

A Volkswagen keeps on surprising


6 brands, 1 piece of advice

Forever Young


Volkswagen Caddy




About us

VOLTAGE Brussels. Proud to drive for the D’Ieteren Group.

We love cars. And we’re fascinated by the fast-paced evolution of the automotive world. So is it any wonder that we’re an agency that’s dedicated to just that? That’s why we are seriously excited to drive for the D’Ieteren Group. And especially proud to help advance both Volkswagen and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Belgium. VOLTAGE Brussels is a team of experienced people with complementary skills and talents. Working closely together, like cogwheels in a gearbox: from strategists over media planners to car-crazy creatives. As a well-integrated team, we deliver the power to propel our favourite brands forward. Buckle up for a quick tour.

Energising new offices for Voltage Brussels.

We all experienced the blessings of connectivity, past year. While physical presence was strictly limited at the Voltage offices, highly connected teams were able to produce amazing new work from home. But it also made one thing clear: you can’t create the same electrifying buzz as when people actually meet in real life. That’s why we are proud, and relieved, to announce our new location: Exelsiorlaan 75-77 at Zaventem. From now on, our teams will be mostly working at our new offices in what is aptly named The Building. It houses a unique kind of creative village with a common market place that we share with sister agencies, production companies, web designers, event organisers, media planners and PR specialists. We couldn’t think of a more inspiring environment, for that matter. The Building provides modular co-working spaces, hybrid meeting rooms, project rooms, recording studios, video editing & post-production suites, a projection theatre, catering facilities, a fitness space, a canteen with a terrace and it’s own espresso bar. Don’t you feel tempted yet? You’re more than welcome to pay us a visit and experience the invigorating vibe yourself. Come and plug in at Voltage Brussels! And of course, you can charge your electric car or plug-in hybrid as well.


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