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Unexpected turns in radio commercials and shows

Yeah, really unexpected turns. Because listeners of the Good Morning show on Radio Contact were in for an unexpected treat. If they shared some of their unexpected experiences, at least. And the more unexpected, the better.

That’s right. Those with the best unexpected story received an unexpected gift. Like a fuel voucher. And at the end of the week, one listener got even more lucky: a free surprise weekend at Disneyland Paris. With the whole family. And driving down there in the new Caddy Maxi. Now, that’s really unexpected.

Want to see how Maria and Oliver bring the good news (and the Caddy Maxi)? Watch the video: Facebook Live

Oh, and in case you missed the Good Morning show on Radio Contact, you must have heard our hilarious and - yet again - pretty unexpected radio commercials on all VAR and DPG radio channels.

You did? Great. So, next time when you’re calling your partner with some pretty unexpected, slightly inappropriate or secret news, first check if your kids aren’t eavesdropping in the back of the Caddy Maxi…

You didn’t? Listen to them here:

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