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6 brands, 1 piece of advice

Choosing a new car can be quite the challenge. Your boss tells you to go ‘electric’, your neighbour advises ‘gasoline’ and your daughter wants a cabrio. What to do, what to do…

D’Ieteren to the rescue! In the light of this year’s Motor Show, they put the strength of all their brands together to help consumers find their way in this dilemma. That’s where VOLTAGE comes in. Together we created a platform where D’Ieteren gives you a top 5 of cars that fit you best, based on your personal preferences. And since D’Ieteren has Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA, ŠKODA and Porsche in their range, you know that there’s a suited car for everyone.

That way January wasn’t just another regular month at D’Ieteren. It was a new way of connecting with their customers and giving them useful advice in a fun way. It might seem obvious for some, but it’s actually the first time that an initiative like this was being launched in the car industry.

6 brands that work together to help consumers. Such a nice way to start 2022.

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